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So glad you found our Web page and just click on any of the different categories to get the information you need. You can also call us on our toll free number 1-800-575-6867. Click on the "What's New" button for latest releases; for a complete catalog list of Poppy designs, click on the "Complete Catalog" button to the left."--Updated February 27, 2017.

Our designs are available through specialty needlework shops throughout the U.S. and our distributors are Hoffman Distributing Co., Norden Crafts, and Wichelt Imports for patterns.We no longer offer specialty frames; however many of our frames may be be available at local needlework shops.We do have some hold-overs--if you have a particular frame in mind, give us a call.

Needlework shops....for prices of patterns, please call our 800 number,

1-800-575-6867 or e-mail us at JnMoore100@aol.com


Christmas Treasurers & Football Fans---Poppy Kreations Features of the Month

If you cannot find our products, give us a call and we will help direct you to a source. Click on the Complete Catalog list button on the left..it shows our entire line of Poppy designs. The Frames Gallery allows you to see various specialty frames that we have designed for various vendors. The Designs Gallery features our latest releases.You can e-mail us at JnMoore100@aol.com. Be sure and check out our latest designs.


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