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What's New In Poppy Designs

Updated Sept. 29,2017

Updated July 20, 2017

Updated February, 27, 2017



Poppy Kreations has two new patterns that have been released.  Both are available from Hoffmans and Norden Crafts.

First one is Good Thoughts.jpg which has two designs - one is My Angel which is quick and easy  and features our moms, grandmothers, anyone in heaven  My mom was, and still is, my best friend  This pattern  is stitched on 28ct. antique white Jobelan and the fibers are DMC, Heatherleigh which is a Colorworks fiber.

Best Blessing is the other pattern 28ct Ivory Jobelan and the emphasis is on a grandma.  I was very fortunate  to have my grandmother for a long time and she taught me how to knit, embroider, crewel crochet, etc.  She always had a needle in her hands and uses just one fiber, Classic Colorwork’s Deep Blue Sea.

St. Nicholas is our other pattern and it was stitched on 30ct. natural brown linen and uses  Classic Colorworks Magnolia Blossoim and Grasshopper  for fibers and wholesales for $3.50.   I really like to stitch Christmas designs and now that my grandson just got married I am going to have to stitch his wife a Christmas stocking but so far haven't found one I like.

Be assured that I do appreciate your friendship and your business and hope all of you have a great holiday season.

Keep on stitching—as always,.
Joan, Poppy Kreations


July 20, 2017

Hello Everyone,

            It's been a while since you heard from Poppy, but in the last couple of weeks we have released two new patterns;  one is
Home of the Brave, and is  stitched on 28ct Natural Light linen, courtesy of Wichelt Imports.  It uses a couple of DMC colors and one Magnolia Blossom from Classic Colorworks.  It is a fairly quick to stitch pattern. I spent two days finishing my model.   The frame is by Huneywood and the number is 957.   I have a sister-in-law who has a wall full of Americana patterns which is quite impressive..  She has a son who served in the military and I think that keeps her going with the Americana theme.

            The other one is titled  “Tis The Season When”  and is stitched on Wichelt's 28ct. Royal Classic Christmas Blue and is being mailed to Hoffman and Norden Crafts tomorrow .  The frame is  another Huneywood, #  PB817 and uses Magnolia Blossom and Desert Mesquite by Classic Colorworks and Strawn, Curry, Brick, Lancaster Red  Mocha and Cocoa from Weeks Dye Works along with several DMC colors.  I really enjoyed designing and stitching this model  as I have always liked stitching houses and Christmas..
            My grandson is getting married in August and he requested that I stitch for them the same Christmas Sampler I stitched for my daughter and her husband 30 years ago.  I really was pleasantly surprised that he wanted a stitchery piece and it only took me 10 minutes to find the pattern. I think that is pretty good after 30 years.

Once again, I thank each and every one of you for your friendship and business and my next pattern to come will be St. Nicholas (I hope)

Keep on stitching,
Joan, Poppy Kreations


February 27, 2017

Hello everyone,

It has been a while since we have sent out a newsletter but with the Nashville market coming soon and want to let you know what is new from Poppy Kreations.

            Hoffman will have our two new patterns available for you in Nashville. The  first one is titled Once Upon a Memoryy and is honoring all our mothers whether they are in heaven or still with us. This pattern is stitched on 28ct. Cameo Peach Jobelan courtesy of Wichelt Imports. I have many fond memories as a child and as an adult  and also my two grandmothers, who are no longer with me, were so special.
This could make a nice “Mother’s Day” gift.

            The other pattern is Grandkids and is also stitched on Cameo Peach Jobelan.   This pattern can be adjusted for more names of grandchildren, by adding more names  and using  a larger piece of fabric. 
            My oldest grandchild is getting married this August and I have been stitching the Christmas picture I stitched for my daughter and her husband 29 years ago and was surprised I could still find the pattern.   I will now have to stitch another Christmas stocking for her. I have been looking for the right one for a couple of months - may have to design one myself.

            We also released two new patterns in January Forever Memory and Winter Welcome--- Hoffman and Norden Crafts already have them in stock. 

            Thanks to everyone for supporting the market  and know how exciting this can be. Once again, I  do appreciate your friendship and business and Keep on stitching,  Feel free to check other patterns on our Web site: www.poppykreations.com--also email me regarding any questions at:JnMoore100@aol.com

As always,
Joan, Poppy Kreations


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