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What's New In Poppy Designs

Updated September 16,2021

Shop Owners,

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Hello  everyone - I know it has been a while but Poppy Kreations does have two new patteerns.

Home Is Bestt is is one of them and is stitched on 28 count Lambswool   and  only uses two colors and it would be easy to change those colors if you want different.

Holiday Memories is the other new design and is stitched on 28 ct. Waterlily coourtesy of Wichelt Imports and uses some overdyed threads by Weeks and  with great memories of the Christmas Season. 

I have always been exzcited about Christmas and  just finished two  Christmas patterns that my grandson wanted for him and his wife.  I am now working on their baby's Christmas stocking and it is the 13th one  I've done and will probably have to be the last one or two more grandchildren. I told my daughter the rest were up to her to stitch.  My grandkids told me they like their stockings better than all of their presents and my daughter told me she had intended to quite filling the stockings until I told her she better not because the kids love them.

Hope you have great sales this Christmas season season.  I stiitch every day  and have several ideas if I can get to them.  

Joan- Poppy Kreations


Hello Shop Owners,

To all of you shopowners who are there for all of their customers.  I know I have spent more time stitching since this virus started.  Hope all of you are healthy.  We have just released two new Christmas patterns....

Christmas Blessingsis stitched on Lambswool  linen,courtesy of Wichelt Imports and is stitched with only one color, Lancaster Red from Weeks Dye Works.  I painted a frame the color of the words and the  model is going to be hanging in my daughter's house this Christmas.

Another new Christmas pattern is Happy Holidays and is stitched on 28 ct Water Lily, also courtesy of Wichelt Imports The wores are stitched with Desert Mesquite of Classic Colorworks.

I just put the last stitches on three Christmas Stockings I stitched for for my family. One of them is  for my new grandson and it is just for his first Christmas.  This will be a nice remembrance as he goes up ……………………… 

I wish for all of you a busy Christmas Season as well as a healthy season. 

Happy Stitching,

Joan, Poppy Kreations   


February, 2020

Hello Shop Owners,

It has been a while since we have released any new Poppy Kreations , but had some health problems, sold my house , moved and visited my children and did a lot of downsizing, which was very hard to do as I am such a collector.  However, I did not get rid of any of my cross stitch patterns  and I have a lot of them, but  I never know when I will want to stitch one of them and a lot of them have been retired. I  still buy plenty of them- (I just have to have that new pattern).

Anyway on to the new designs – American Heroes honors our soldiers and veterans and you can select the branch of service you want to use with either the Army, Navy Marines or Air Force. I am honoring my brother in the model and there is also an alphabet  to go with this design for your soldier.  It is stitched on 30ct. brown linen courtesy of Wichelt Imports and uses DMC and Weeks Dye Works Fibers and will be available from Hoffman Dist. Co in Nashville.

Welcome of Grandma's is another new design and is stitched on 32ct Touch of Blue Linen from Wichelt Imports and uses Class Colorworks, Gentle Arts Weeks Dye Works and DMC.  I used six different colors in the word Grandma's and it is very colorful and a quick design to stitch.  Alternative DMC colors are listed  in case you want to use all DMC.  .

A Precious Gift is the third new one and is stitched on 28ct  Royal Blue Jobelan  and uses just one color but I did go into the second skein of thread. 

            We will have a drawing for this model by putting all shop attendees  names in a box and will have  one of the tenants here where I live draw a name out of a shop and will send the model to them after the market.

I have been sitting in my favorite chair and stitching while watching the Olympics as today everything is closed here because of the ice storm.  At my new residence they fix lunch for us so won't have to do any cooking and since I don't enjoy cooking anymore that is one reason I decided to move here.  We no longer have the 800 number- you can reach me at 1-515-287-4007.  Now that Norden’s is closed, I have  decided to just use Hoffman Dist as my distributor and they have an 800 number..

Thanks for all of your business and friendship and wish you a Prosperous 2018 in your shops.

Happy Stitching ---    Joan,  Poppy Kreations


Sept. 29,2017


Poppy Kreations has two new patterns that have been released.  Both are available from Hoffmans and Norden Crafts.

First one is Good Thoughts.jpg which has two designs - one is My Angel which is quick and easy  and features our moms, grandmothers, anyone in heaven  My mom was, and still is, my best friend  This pattern  is stitched on 28ct. antique white Jobelan and the fibers are DMC, Heatherleigh which is a Colorworks fiber.

Best Blessing is the other pattern 28ct Ivory Jobelan and the emphasis is on a grandma.  I was very fortunate  to have my grandmother for a long time and she taught me how to knit, embroider, crewel crochet, etc.  She always had a needle in her hands and uses just one fiber, Classic Colorwork’s Deep Blue Sea.

St. Nicholas is our other pattern and it was stitched on 30ct. natural brown linen and uses  Classic Colorworks Magnolia Blossoim and Grasshopper  for fibers and wholesales for $3.50.   I really like to stitch Christmas designs and now that my grandson just got married I am going to have to stitch his wife a Christmas stocking but so far haven't found one I like.

Be assured that I do appreciate your friendship and your business and hope all of you have a great holiday season.

Keep on stitching—as always,.
Joan, Poppy Kreations



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